"It is a must for all couples no matter where you're at"

"It is a totally worthwhile experience where you get to focus on each other in a safe, romantic & supportive setting"

"Not only will your marriage be better - you also will learn a lot about yourself"

"It's worth the time and effort"

"You will learn lots even if you think your marriage is great, as we found out"

"We are talking and understanding each other much more"

"If you think that investing in your marriage is worthwhile then attend the marriage course where you will enjoy some lovely food, great advice from presenters via DVD and personal time with your partner"

"Excellent food and atmosphere.  Very informative course"

"Attending the course has brought the importance of putting effort into one's marriage into focus.  There are many useful tips and ideas for helping us to build a stronger marriage"

"Just do it"


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