For Men

Time and time again we hear the same feedback from men who attend the Marriage Course - “I didn’t want to come on the course but once I got there I really enjoyed it”.   It’s obvious that there’s a big difference between what men expect the Marriage Course to be like and what it’s really all about, so we pulled together this page to address some of the concerns that men have about coming on the course.

"I don’t want to share personal things about our relationship with others.  I certainly don’t want my wife to share things about our relationship!"

We couldn’t agree more!  We have a rule on the Marriage Course, you never share anything with anyone else on the course other than your husband, wife or partner.  There is no group discussion.

On the Marriage Course couples are seated at tables for 2, they eat dinner together, watch the DVD presentation and work through some questions in their manuals together - always as a couple, never in a group.  We play background music to ensure that nobody inadvertently overhears you, nobody joins your discussions, nobody checks whether you’ve done the exercises – privacy is assured.

"If I go on the course people will think there’s something wrong with my marriage"

People come on the Marriage Course for many different reasons.  Many have perfectly good marriages, they’ve come because they want it to remain that way.  Others come on the course because there is an issue of some sort that they want to resolve.  The thing is nobody knows why anyone else is on the course – chances are that you’re there to invest in an already strong marriage.

"The course might require me to change in some way"

That’s between you and your wife however the course is not one sided – your wife may also discover things that she could change to make your marriage better!  Ideally a marriage is for life – so if there are things that can be done to make a marriage better, we believe that the cost of making these changes will be well worth while.  Often small and relatively painless changes can have a huge impact upon your marriage.


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